Supporting Trauma in Adults ( 2 part course plus supporting materials)




Trauma can be anything that causes us to feel overwhelm at ay given point in time. This can be a stressor, grief, loss, long term stress, an experience or incident, work, relationships, PTSD, CPTSD…

Our mind and body’s job is to protect ourselves during these experiences but unless we are able to process these our mind and body stores them and keeps them on repeat or keeps the protection mechanism in place until we are able to allow and release.

This 2 part course will begin to provide some understanding and gentle, science backed, easy to use tools to allow your mind and body the space to start to heal and process and move forward from the symptoms and experiences. There will be 2 live teachings (also available to watch on replay when it suits you) and supporting course materials linked to each session. These will all be in a private fb group with extra tips, ideas and feedback. I will also be available for any questions you may have along the way.

***This course is a gentle introduction to the support you can access but it is not a substitute for medical or psychological assessment, diagnosis or treatment.



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