Super Growth


Join me on a game-changing intuitive coaching journey to allow you to make those life changes, decisions and shifts that will propel you forward into living the life you were born to live! Fulfill your purpose and passion and feel excited to get out of bed every day!!!

Over 3 months (6 x 60-minute coaching sessions), we will look at:
• Where are you are…
• Where you would like to be – in the biggest, brightest vision you have!
• What thoughts, beliefs and habits in the background are stopping you from moving forward!

We will look at specific, unique techniques that will work for you and your journey that will allow you to create change and continue with the changes long after the coaching has ended. We will change the game in an aligned, intuitive and purposeful way.

Fortnightly techniques, reflections, changes and feedback will be emailed to you after each session to further guide and support you.

This coaching package includes 3-month access to A Mindful Space Membership (value £111).



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