Self-worth online workshop for a happier you



Join me online (live or on replay) for a workshop to understand, develop and grow your self-worth – for a happier life!

How we value ourselves sets a blueprint for all areas of our life – from relationships to work to joy and beyond… Knowing our worth and our value is a key element to having a happier, more fulfilled life.

This will kick-off with a class to help us understand what self-worth is; what ours maybe; how we can grow and reconnect to it and how to create healthy boundaries to protect and nourish it.

After class, there will be a simple 14 day workbook to follow – to build new habits of worth, value and healthy boundaries for a better and happier life.

And then we will re-connect with a class to embed the practices learnt and encourage further practices to grow and establish your self-worth.


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