Powerful You Coaching Session


Join me for a 90-minute super boost session to look at your goals and desires, identify the blocks and challenges you may have in the background, and create simple steps to get you there!

We will use intuitive and solution-focused coaching techniques – specifically aligned with you and your desires – to identify your intention, to see the surrounding blocks to the vision and create the steps that you need in your own unique way to get you there!

This will all be focused in a way that feels aligned, secure and super achievable for YOU!

Clients have used this session for: goals, career changes, traumatic events or challenges, finding purpose, anxiety reduction, major life events and so much…

Coaching feedback: ‘Everything you you’ve taught me has sunk in and today I prioritised me! Just thought you would like to know what an impact you’re having!’

You will also receive written reflections of the session to guide and support you.



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