A Month to Reset


Sometimes we need to hit the reset button! You need a chance to look at where you are and where you want to be in your life. To look at what thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are not working for you and how we can reset this in the four main areas of our life :

1. Career
2. Health and well-being
3. Fun and leisure
4. Relationships

This coaching package of 4 weekly 60-minute coaching sessions is all about looking at where you are in these areas; where you want to be and removing blocks to this change. Together (through a powerful. limitless space) we will look at creating new thoughts, beliefs and habits that will allow you to step forward into your vision – with support, direction, guidance, bespoke techniques and intuitive coaching flowing through the 4 weeks.

All techniques, reflections, changes and feedback will be emailed to you after each session to further guide and support you.

You will also have a month’s access to A Mindful Space Membership to further support you along your journey (currently £26).



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