‘Suzanne generated space for me to confidently tune into my own intuition to follow and fulfil my very own path and purpose.’ Melissa Davies

Hi, I’m Suzanne

I am a mindfulness, mindset, meditation and spiritual teacher and coach (or a welcoming space to support and empower as you explore your true potential)!

My journey into awareness, meditation and mindfulness and general ‘happier way of being’ started around 20 years ago. A physical illness ground me to a halt and forced me to ‘wake up’ to myself. Through an organic journey (led by the most wonderful Universe) I came to find mindfulness, meditation and a connection to who I really was. This helped me to heal my pains and fears and open myself up to my true self and true healing. And since then, this has been my passion and my light. I have been teaching these practices for over 5 years to hundreds of amazing people and organisations. I love helping people unlock their own power and purpose – enabling their own healing, personal growth and fulfilment!

With over 20 years of knowledge and studies in mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual connection  – my classes and courses have already helped hundreds of people to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

Meeting you totally changed my life…
What you have taught me over the years of classes has bought me a calmness I thought I would never achieve and anew energy, a recharge of batteries and it has allowed me to really listen to the true me.
Guided meditations have helped me remove myself emotionally from really stressful situations with amazing success!
I use mantras lots to quieten my mind and make me feel a deeper sense of purpose.
I feel I have the tools to live my best life now and thank you for being you x


If you’re struggling a little with some daily things in life & could use a kind mental health hug to keep you going day by day I highly recommend checking out Sessions of the Soul and joining the mindfulness group, the tool kit has already started to open my mind and help me look at more things differently 😊

Heather, after joining my membership group, A Mindful Space

Such intense heat under my feet and for a few mins it felt as though I was floating xx

Leanne, after one of the weekly reiki sessions in my membership group, A Mindful Space 

Suzanne created Sessions of the Soul and A Mindful Space which became a lifeline for so many people. I cannot begin to tell you how important and essential mindfulness, meditation and everything else that is offered in this group is to our lives.


I hope you will join me on this ever unfolding journey to remember who you truly are. To unlock your own power, so that you can fulfil your purpose and live a more joyful, peaceful and wonderful life!

My learning journey is below, if this helps!

But The Universe also added loads of wonderful books, an amazing array of spiritual teachers, experiences and my own connection, vibration and intuition to this!

AMCM-accredited Mindfulness Diploma
AMCM-accredited Meditation Teacher Diploma
AMCM-accredited Spiritual Life Coach Diploma
Reiki Master
B.Sc. Psychology (Hon.s)

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