You Are Worthy (Just as you are right now!)

Before we begin this blog I want to say right now. You are worthy just as you are. Right here! Right now!

So, let’s begin…

Many of us on this shiny Blue Planet have a low sense of self-worth. We believe we are not worthy of the good, the big and even the very small that this life has to offer!! We believe our worth comes from outside things, practises, experiences and successes. We believe that if we have a good job, look a certain way, have certain education or successes then we will be considered worthy. And that they will make us feel worthy… They won’t! These are all outside experiences and they do not come from our sense of worth and they do not affect our sense of worth.

Worth is the innate knowing that we are loved and enough just as we are. And the only way to truly build this is to do it from the inside. To remember the understanding that you know deep down – that you are in fact worthy! You are worthy of love, joy, success, abundance, fulfilment, healthy relationships and everything else that you need.

You were born worthy. You are worthy. You are a miracle that was created in a moment. And you are worthy.

Stop seeking outside validation for this worth because you do not need it! Nobody on the outside can tell you that you’re worthy. You can’t please enough people on this planet to feel worthy. You can’t show everybody enough success to feel worthy. You can’t look enough of a certain way to be worthy.

It’s an inside job. It’s a new remembering of who you truly are. An incredible being who is worthy.

So, to begin this journey or pick it up from where you are by saying these words:

I am worthy just as I am!

I am worthy just as I am!

I am worthy just as I am!

See how it feels… You may not remember it to begin with. You may not believe it to begin with – so start with simply saying it. Stick it on a post-it note on your bathroom mirror and say it!

And when you find yourself looking to the outside world for that worth – bring yourself back to…

I am worthy just as I am!!!

I hope this reminds you of this innate knowing and understanding. You are truly worthy!! And when you fully believe this your world opens up to all that you are worthy of. We don’t lift ourselves up to the height of our beliefs – we lift ourselves up to what we believe are we are worth of! So, remember your worth and lift yourself as high as you can go…