When things change, we may feel out of our comfort zone. We can feel unsettled, as if we don’t have a crutch to hold on to. We may feel confused or distracted or fuzzy and unsure… This is normal!

This is the transition…

This is the unknown…

It is an area we have not visited before. A place we have not been. So, we don’t quite know our way. We haven’t quite found all the paths to take us where we want to go yet. We haven’t quite got our bearings or even started to get our bearings. This is a strange, uncomfortable feeling and one that we spend our lives trying to avoid – because we like feeling safe! We like knowing where we are. We like knowing where the path goes and where the junctions are – when to turn left and where to turn right. And when we don’t know this… we can feel a little lost.

So, our job is to be okay with feeling a little lost for a while. Be okay with not knowing. This is as it is meant to be when you leave point A and start venturing towards point B.

Don’t be scared.

Don’t think you’ve done wrong.

You haven’t!

You are just in a place that you have never been before. But you will get to know it and you will find your way around it and you will get to know all the paths.

This is the road to point B – a place you’ve been wanting to get to for a very long time.

You are not lost!