How can mindfulness help me in my day to day life ?

Mindfulness is a way of being in the  moment that you are actually in – instead of dwelling on last week’s what’s app group message or the meeting you are worried about in 2 weeks time! 

It’s about being just here… just now…in this moment.

But isn’t that hard – I hear you say? 

No, there are very simple ways to bring you into this moment – even if it is just for a brief time . And even a small time spent here can have huge effects in our daily life. Reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, low self worth etc…

So here are a few of my favourite, simple ways to bring you into the ‘here and now’…

  1. When you are doing something routined ( eg washing hands or having a toilet break ) take 1 or 2 slow, deep breaths. Focusing on the in and the out. Just 1 or 2 – nothing more!
  2. When you leave the house or put the kettle on ( choose a simple trigger to remind you) say ‘here and now’ in your head a few times. Just to gently focus your mind and bring you into this moment. 
  3. Using your thumb and index finger – gently press them together while saying ‘I am calm’ or something relevant to you such as ‘I am brave’; ‘I am strong’ or ‘I can do this’. This simple action , will not only bring you into the present moment, but it will create a mindful trigger point. So eventually, when you gently press these digits together – you will automatically feel calmer or stronger.

These techniques are simple – but do not underestimate their power and what they will be doing in the background of your life.  Once these brief pauses are created – your mind can work on the bigger stuff with more clarity and focus.

And you get to kick back and relax and let it do the hard work!

You can do this !! And you are worth it !

Love and light