I was so grateful to be able send some of life’s big questions to my first, and most amazing spiritual teacher/healer/cosmic man – and have his incredibly wise and Universal responses.

Hello Leo in wonderful Barbados!

  1. How can we feel more at peace with the world?

We will not feel peace with the world until we are all mindful to the fact (or aware) that the diversity of life (even inanimate) are all facets of the universal continuum of condensed energy. This energy is connected by one underlying principle – UNITY.

So, everything requires love and respect.

  • How can we heal?

We can heal when we come to self-realisation. After self-introspection, healing can be found in every denizen on Earth. What we need to do is to help others to awaken to the ‘Vis medicatrix naturae’ (the healing power of nature) and the Divine essence within one’s self. By doing this, the whole planet will be healing – slowly and incrementally.

  • How can we feel more love for ourselves and then share this with the world?

By being aware, that each and every one of us is a unique product of universal energy incarnated. We must work on our perceived weaknesses and accentuate our positive qualities – through subtle communication and character. This, can then be shared with the world.

  • What can we do to help ourselves?

To feel and be aware of some form of contentment (peace of mind). To feel gratitude (one of the highest feeling states) and be mindful at all times of our creative content and our ever-unfolding abilities.

  • What guidance can we tune into to help us on our journey?

Listen to our inner voice, the Universal principle and be expose to a range of philosophies and religious/spiritual persuasions. Then, use these insights and salient points to help us towards Enlightenment (liberation).

Leo Branch, started guided me over 20 years ago on my spiritual journey. He has such a wide and deep range of wisdom and guidance that he can often see what we cannot – due to our busy minds ands belief systems. Leo’s guidance helped me to see our world and my world through wider eyes (through more Universal eyes) and this has made me feel strong, safer and more in love with this wonderful Universe!

Thank you Leo Branch (my Cosmic spaceman)

Suzanne xxx