Inside all of us is an infinite well of power – that is available to us at all times. It is a place of knowledge, wisdom and strength and we all have it! But why don’t I feel it? Why am I fearful and scared? Why do I feel anxious and weak? Because you have forgotten it’s there. You have been led away from your power by beliefs, thoughts and opinions that have come from the world around you – by people who have also forgotten this power! But there is a way back… There is a way to remember this power and to ignite it to its full capacity and strength! By reconnection with who we are – through meditation, mindfulness, positive self-talk, affirmations and self-care  – we regain this powerful self and really set this journey alight !!! The process of reconnection with this power is an exciting one. A journey, where you begin to unfold and unfurl through the layers of fear and thought and bring power and anticipation of the new with each step. Some simple tips to begin this reconnection are:

1. Take a few minutes every day to ‘just be with you’. This could be having a cup or tea or coffee in your cosy place or it could be a few minutes meditating, journaling or listening to music that inspires you. The intention behind this practice is a gentle ‘getting to know you again’.

2. Noticing your self-talk is a great step towards stepping into your power. Just being aware of how you speak to yourself in your own head is a positive move forward to letting go of old ways of thinking and embracing a kinder more compassion self. And, the result is a  kinder and more compassionate self-talk. You spend lots of your life listening to the voice in your head – let it be a kind one.

3. Using affirmations to change the balance of thoughts and beliefs is a game-changer with regards to your power. Affirmations can change our beliefs from old negative, limiting ones to more powerful limitless ways of being. And when you say an affirmation and ‘feel it’ at the same time – you increase its power and effect.

4. Making self-care a daily practice is vital to our sense of wellbeing and power. From simple activities, such as a quiet cup of tea to a full body massage and beyond… They all send the message to you ‘you are worth it and I am looking after you’. You are the only person walking in your shoes, so you are the only person who can really meet you own needs on every level. Self-care is a key ingredient in overall wellness and vitality! You need it and you are worth it! It is safe for you to be powerful and the world needs you to be so!

Love and light Suzanne x