Time spent with ‘You’

There are many types, methods and beliefs surrounding meditation and it’s practices but I believe that meditation at its core is all about spending time getting to know ‘you’.

From the most simple, single breath to the most structured meditative practices – the purpose is to connect to who you really are. Connecting to the oneness of you and everything that is.

For me, meditation is all about spending time with myself, without the clutter,  thoughts, chaos, musts and shoulds. When you spend this time with ‘you’, you begin to truly listen to yourself. As this quiet space unfolds, you can then start to hear your own inner wisdom and inner voice – the deep knowings that you hold and have always held.

This space can help us to understand our own needs and desires more fully and authentically. Meditation allows us to manifest from our highest place and therefore fro the highest good. It can also help us to release fear, pain and old thoughts and belief patterns that are holding us back.

And thus, this process allows great healing to take place.

Spending time with you, under the umbrella of meditation, is like spending time with your most wonderful friend, guide and teacher. From this space, only love and understanding can occur.

I believe that meditation is your key to the wholeness of you and the wisdom that you have always had.

Take a breath today and spend time with you’

With love

Suzanne x