A more mindful day

Mindfulness and meditation opened my eyes to a different kind of day. Instead of seeing my day through a pair of seemingly smudged, cracked glasses, my vision became clearer and I began to see the world with a sense of clarity and wonder!

Around 20 years ago, I had learned to see myself and the world around me in a very negative way. I was highly critical and judgemental of myself and felt like there was no sparkle left anywhere. I saw everything through negative eyes, which turned to feelings of depression, stress, anxiety and a feeling of helplessness and ill health.

This led me on a journey to mindfulness, meditation and a more holistic way of living. It was a very organic and gently unfolding process, where I began to wear clearer and clearer glasses and eventually a smudge free set appeared before my eyes. The world became more colourful and I saw the many positives that were before me and began to create even more of these with my new found sense of clarity and peace.

So how can I begin to have this sense of peace, clarity and positivity I hear you ask?

The advice I give to many of my students and clients is to begin with mini pauses in your day. This will start to ‘clear the clutter’ of the mind.

The easiest way to introduce these mini pauses is to take one breath in and out whenever you do something routine in your day. So, whenever you make a cup of coffee you take a breath. Whenever you open the door to leave the house you take a breath. And so on.

These small breaths and mini mindful moments, done frequently and effortlessly, will start clearing the mind and its busy thoughts. This will begin opening your eyes to this moment, where there is calm, clarity and so much more positivity than you could possibly imagine.

And it all begins with just one breath…

Love Suzanne  x